What Services do we Offer?

What services do we offer?

People Alliance’s solutions cater to each client’s needs and goals. We take a strategic approach to staffing that involves planning for the present and the future. We offer services in all aspects of recruitment, staffing and development to provide our clients with the flexibility and ease that comes from working with one expert provider.

Executive Search – locating and attracting the most sought after talent in the workplace to meet our clients’ essential hiring needs. Services include consulting in areas such as organizational development, compatibility assessment, project management and relocation services. People Alliance Search offers many value-added services that are available on a contract or individual basis. Retention strategies and consultation on best practices are just a few of the many services that are offered.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) – creating, modifying or enhancing a company’s hiring process. Includes managing the entire hiring process, and all related activities, from the time a need is identified to the start date of the employee to fill the position. People Alliance Hire Pursuit seamlessly integrates its RPO solution into HR operations without introducing new complexities. This implementation of outsourced services maximizes a company’s ability to rapidly scale and adapt, creating the flexibility and agility to effectively respond to constantly changing environments.

Contract Staffing – providing clients with contract and interim staffing services for unanticipated or project-related hiring needs. People Alliance StaffInsight solutions provide clients with immediate access to trained professionals, the ability to bring in specialized staff for important projects that require a certain level of knowledge or skills, operational cost reduction and minimal payroll maintenance resulting in increased revenue per employee.

College Recruitment – partnering with companies to develop robust and proactive college recruiting programs. People Alliance CampusConnect customizes each program and specifically targets and markets to the desired group of college graduates. People Alliance CampusConnect solutions can be applied in various ways, including creation of a college recruitment program, development of specific diversity campaigns and targeted media campaigns.

Delivering the Human Competitive

Advantage : From a CEO or line manager to a sales representative or MD, VP, GM, NSM, CFO, COO, People Alliance matches skilled,dedicated individuals to forward-thinking, growth-oriented companies seeking the best talent in the work force. People Alliance is an expert in developing innovative and customizable hiring solutions that produce positive bottom-line results.

International Reach : With partnerships in Asia, Europe and Latin America, People Alliance is fully equipped to meet its clients’ ever-increasing global hiring needs. People Alliance international experts are versed not only on the languages of its respective countries, but also on the cultural norms, which is imperative in ensuring each interaction is positive.

Industries Served : People Alliance has dedicated specialists in every major industry and discipline. All of our associates continue to undergo comprehensive, industry-specific training as part of their career development. This targeted knowledge base and concentrated industry focus allows us greater access to the most qualified candidates and enables us to move faster and more efficiently in delivering the most customized solutions.

People Alliance Fast Facts

  • Recruitment specialists in more than 65 industries and disciplines
  • 500 + customers ranging from small, local business to large, global conglomerates
  • Offices across the INDIA and global partnerships in Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • More than 30 years of trusted expertise Extensive network of over 75,000 professionals Over 3,600 placements a year

Our sources

Our best and experienced Recruiter source and fulfill the client requirement from the following various sources:

  • Various Job Portals
  • Head Hunting
  • Linked in Networks
  • Press Advertisement
  • Our Database
  • Educational Institutions
  • Candidate apply to our Consultant
  • References

Your success is our top priority

By always taking a personalized, hands-on, consultative approach, we ensure the quick, efficient results you need to increase your competitive advantage and bottom line. Throughout all our service offerings, you’ll find only top professionals focusing all their energy and our considerable resources to deliver the most powerful services and solutions.

No one else can match our drive or our industry leading, fully-integrated array of services. From executive search and contract staffing to process outsourcing and campus recruiting, our one and only goal is providing the resources you need to succeed.


  • IT- Software
  • IT- Hardware
  • ITES / BPO
  • e-Commerce
  • ERP/SAP/Oracle


  • Automobiles/Tractors industry/ Auto/Auto Equip.
  • FMCG/ Consumer Durables/Food industry
  • Construction / Engineering / Cement / Metals / Paint
  • Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery / Steel
  • Electricals/ Switchgears/ Semiconductors / Electronics
  • Fertilizers/ Pesticides, Agriculture/ Dairy
  • Manufacturing, EPC/Engg./Infrastr./Mining
  • Medical / Healthcare / Hospital
  • Pharma / Biotech / Clinical Research
  • Printing / Packaging/paper/ Marine
  • Technical Textiles, Textiles / Garments / Accessories
  • Glass/ Banking / Financial Services/ Telecom / ISP
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